Investing In Our Workforce

As our state begins the process of easing stay-at-home orders and opening up businesses, ACS has continued to invest in its workforce of dedicated, essential employees.

The most important investment we made was to maintain our workforce.  While the number of inbound truckloads has diminished due to a reduction in orders for hotels, restaurants, and food distributions, the orders for Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News

Remember to Thank Those in Essential Businesses

Writing this article in the midst of a global pandemic may seem insignificant considering the magnitude of the Covid-19 outbreak.  So what is significant enough to write about in these days of uncertainty, anxiety, feat, and fervent prayers?

In my mind, what is significant are the millions of “critical” employees who face the same anxieties and uncertainty as everyone else, but Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News

Handling Food Recalls

Americans love to eat food, a lot.  In a perfect world, all the food we consume is made perfectly, to the right food and safety standards, and free of any problems such as diseases or spoiling.  Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world, and there are many different variables at play when it comes to keeping your food safe from the farm or manufacturing plant to your plate.

As the food supply chain becomes more global Excerpt from Central Florida Ag News